Project Meeting Merano 20th – 26th November 2017

During our visit Merano was celebrating 700 years as a city (1317- 2017) see link

The city is rich in history, culture and hospitality as was confirmed in the week to come.

Teachers from the project partners- Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland and Austria presented new apps and learning tools and experiences using them with their classes. See list of Apps below. The week was full of activities, assignments and intense learning – teacher training and sharing techniques, and experiences.

The students did their presentations based on the reading of the assigned book ‘The Wave’ by  Todd Strasser. For example a summary of the book in pictures- group activities with students of different nationalities, using English as the language of communication. They had to verbalise the picture.

Another task was to present the work of another project partner, based on authentic situations that can arise in the professional world, for example Italy had to present the work of Germany. The Importance of the feedback of this exercise was emphasised. The content materials provide the background support, but the important thing is the person presenting, you must get the audience’s attention. You are important! We witnessed the important role of feedback in the learning process.

Highlights of the week- Action bound city rally, meeting the mayor of Merano, "Ötzi"  The Iceman, Bolzano, Christmas market, and of course the 5 star food and service offered by the catering school that hosted us.

Apps and technological learning tools: - - - - - - - - - - - -


Presentazione preparata per il Project meeting di Merano:




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