Project Meeting Düsseldorf 15th – 22nd April 2018

We were excellently and warmly hosted by the Max Weber Berufskolleg, a vocational school for economy and administration.

Düsseldorf is rich in history, art, culture and hospitality. It is known worldwide also for its fashion industry and for its new commercial area on the western bank of the river Rhine.

Both for students and teachers – from the project partners Italy, South Tyrol, Belgium, Germany, Finland and Austria – the week was full of activities, assignments and intense learning, teacher training and sharing techniques, digital tools (See list of apps below) and experiences.


Teacher teams worked initially on the assignments they carried out before leaving:

- What has happened since the last project meeting? – We used different apps to share what they had put into practice in their schools after Merano (November 2017);

- One or two units/examples of smart teaching – We presented new apps and learning tools they have been experimenting in their classes.


Then, teachers worked in multinational groups on other challenging assignments, for example:

- Digitalisation at school: Blessing or curse? – We made short videoclips about this topic;

- Research: Reading performance and text comprehension – We made mind maps about teaching strategies to improve reading competences in class.


After each group presentation, the importance of the feedback was emphasized. The content materials provided the background support, but the important thing was presenting to the other colleagues. We witnessed the important role of cooperation and feedback in the learning process, in order to share opinions, points of view, techniques and digital tools to improve teacher methodologies and student competences.

Students also presented the assignments they had carried out before leaving – a video about the topic: Welcome to my country…, my city…, my school…, my class – and a few tasks based on the reading of the youth novel “Why we took the car” (German “Tschick”) by Wolfgang Herrndorf.

For example, a summary of the book through the places where the story is set and through songs. They had to find four songs by German singers or bands that associate with the main characters of the book and take a picture to support that association.


Then, students worked in multinational groups on other very creative assignments, for example:

- Use the app Google Earth to create a map that illustrates the story line of the book;

- Write a Facebook comment about the book;

- Make a video and a videoclip about different themes of the book.

Besides school life, a lot of worthy, cross-cultural leisure moments were not missing, together with other students and teachers of the host school, as well.

Highlights of the week:

- Student presentation: Dual System of Education and Training

- German barbecue at school

- Wine tasting (teachers)

- Escape/Lock Room both for teachers and students (team building)

- Sightseeing in Düsseldorf and Cologne

- City Rallye in Düsseldorf (students)

- Visit and lunch at “Zurheide” – new marketing/trade/food concept supermarket

- Virtual Reality Tour of Cologne.


New apps and digital tools: - - - - - - - - -


A tast of Italy - Erasmus + Azione K2 “Be Smart for Europe” - IIS A.Panzini



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