2012 - 2014 




Coordinator: United Kingdom Mark Allen



Holland   Eveline Van Der Most

Finland    Kirsi Lounela

Turkey      Muruvvet Sanal

Italy           Maria Caroli


Passion for Enterprise is a partnership project that seeks to build the skills and competencies of Hospitality & Catering staff delivering vocational learning to future professionals of the Hospitality & Catering sector. All partners engaged recognise that employer engagement leads to improved retention and a richer curriculum offer. The partners involved believe in the importance of the delivery of a curriculum with 'event led - projects' that maximises opportunities for students to demonstrate enterprise and entrepreneurial skills. 'Event led' projects are projects which are organised by the students from start to finish (they take responsibility for the theme, planning, execution and budget).

Partners believe that these projects will help students to understand entrepreneurship and make them more aware of the responsibilities involved and consequences, as if they were running their own enterprise.

Throughout the life of the project vocational tutors from the participating establishments will complete visits in order to share best practice of 'event led' projects, compare assessment strategies for Front of House qualifications (an area of the restaurant) and produce a best practice e-guide for dissemination across the sector.

The involvement of employers in this projects will create a better understanding of skills needs from their point of view and lead to better future relationships. For the assessment of the projects the expertise of Naric will be used.

The aim of the partners is that these event led projects will create more passion for students leading to more motivation and enterpreneurship and with the ultimate aim that the project will lead to an increase in student mobilities and scope for future ECVET memorandums of understanding between partners.


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